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Image by Bruno van der Kraan

Proverbs of a 37 yr old man.

Guiding Lights

1. You are a candle holder and the Lord provides the candle and the fire. He gives you purpose and passion, so you can be a light in this world.

2. Christs love controls us. This is true self control.

3. Nobody wants to die but we can't live like this forever.

4. Charisma and charm can open doors for you. But your character is what keeps them open. It is a doorstop for opportunity to walk in.

5. The greatest thing God offers us is Himself..

6. Do not stretch yourself so thin that you leave little room for margin.

7. Religious exercise will strengthen the body but weaken the soul. It is possible to do something religiously and God not be in it over time.

8. God loves to show his love through people.

9. Don't plant an evil thought in someone's head, you may label somebody that doesn't deserve it.

10. One of the best ways to save money is to be cheap.

11. Your words, your words, be careful how you use them, people can get hurt. Your tone, your tone, be careful how you say something, people can interpret it the wrong way.

12. Miracles are not in our back pockets. It's Gods time and purpose.

13. Its the prayer of faith not magical words that touch the heart of God.

14. If your waiting to be perfect to help others you will never help anyone.

15. The richest people are the ones who spend and invest in others. They are reaping profits from there relationships. 

16. Beware of people who are always asking for money and need nothing else.

17. A moral life is a blessed life.

18. Your confidence in God comes from private prayer.

19. Take heart in knowing that you are under the microscope of Christ, safe from the eagle eye of man.

20. Wires are motives that if connected properly to the outlet of faith, the power of the Holy Spirit will lit up your whole spiritual house.

21. Secret sin will abruptly embarrass you in public, but an open and visible faith will speak highly of you in heaven.

22. Take care of a tree and you will eat of its fruit.

23. There is nothing more spiritually rewarding than personal integrity.

24. Sin begets sin. Just as holiness begets holiness.

25. How quickly manners turn into morals.

26. Nothing is too hard for the Lord while everything is hard for man.

27. Cobwebs and dust are God's reminders that its been awhile.

28. There is no bleach for the brain, only the scrubbing sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

29. You need wisdom so you can live by principle and not desire.

30. A baby is born in tears of pain into this world. A believer is born in tears of joy into Heaven.

31. Restless eyes cause tired hearts.

32. Stop comparing sins, each one has a consequence of its own.

33. With maturity comes responsibility.

34. No justice, no peace. Christ death was justice, and Christ resurrection is peace.

35. Regular confession of sin helps us form our conscience so we can fight against evil tendencies working in our lives.

36. The Lord is the ultimate mathematician, the God of infinite possibilities.

37. You need to stay centered. Even if you have gone too far to the left or the right, gather yourself and get Christ centered again.

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