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Never Failed

Though I failed my Father many times, Jesus never failed His Father.

O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?
Death is swallowed up in victory. 
Jesus last breath provided our first breath into eternity! Jesus swallowed death and took the sting away. So we all must swallow death in this mortal body but then we will breath out the new breath of life in Jesus for eternity! Breathtaking! My earthly father's death was a fiery trial to go through, the hardest thing I have ever faced. Its was so smoky in that fiery trial it caused my eyes to tear up. It was very hot in that fiery trial, but it has purified my soul of self. I want you to know that Jesus is with you there in the midst of the fiery trials of life. The fire does not burn the outside it only purifies the inside. I can testify! There is something powerful about our earthly father's  presence. Just knowing he is around makes us feel safe. How much more our Heavenly Father who though many people can kill the body, He holds our very souls in the palm of His Hands. We are safe in Abba's Love knowing we are covered in His Presence. There needs to be a flow in your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit through Christ has provided you this flow and it starts with prayer. Do not become stagnant In your prayers, but pray in the Spirit of Christ who is constantly flowing in you and around you at all times. Be faithful in learning the living, flowing Word who is Christ, becoming disciples. God our Father is pouring out His Love in our souls constantly, receive it! You are a son or daughter of Abba, believe it! Do you see this flow? Ask God to keep this river of life flowing in you and start living eternal life now!

Father and Son Flying a Drone
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