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Oh To Be Wise- meditations of a 34 yr old man.

Oh Lord strengthen my body so I can lift up my spirit to you. I am weak in need of your strength for the day. Jesus my bones ache for you the living God and your Spirit is water to my soul. These bones of faith are withering away but its holding my heart and mind in place. Help me to stand tall and not be broken in spirit. Oh God, my bones are dry because my eyes have been wet with tears. If it wasn't for your Word my weeping would not have turned to joy. At the sound of your Word in me it lifted me. Lord you bring streams while I'm in the desert place. I have cried while planting your word in my heart and now I can sing at harvest time. As I carry out more seeds for more planting you are making my desert place an oasis of peace. Those who cry out in Jesus name as they carry out the seeds of the word of God to there desert life; will surely return to God singing His praises carrying bundles of grain. Excerpts from Ps. 126:4-6

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