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Oh To Be Wise

There is a mutual destruction. By crushing the Serpents head with your foot, it allows the fangs to sink in deep deadly poison. In God dying taking on the poison of death through Jesus He is able to save the uttermost. The effects of evil in our world are the results of sin and death. Jesus is our antidote as He is healing our hearts from sins posion in our lives. The serpents head has been severed but is still alive waiting for judgment. The posion of death, he passed on to humanity will be the same posion that will destroy him. Death will take us all in this world but the antidote for it is as easy faith. With faith as small as mustard seed you will rise again free from sin and death. A new world where there is no evil only spirit and life in Christ. The only memory of the sin is the fang marks on the hands of Jesus the Messiah. Oh Jesus you took the evil serpent that was in me and crushed it's head. Amen. Meditations from Gen. 3:15

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