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Oh To Be Wise

I am lost and looking for directions. I have made an impulsive turn and my pride has got me out of the straight and narrow. I have a map, but who uses maps anymore. My phone has no signal where I am at. I need to find a rest area or get closer back to the straight and narrow. I'm going to trust in this map of your Word my God. This map is ancient, names have changed but landmarks stay the same. Its old, faithful and reliable. It knows the backways that others with newer paths have no clue about. Thank you Father your map is leading me to a place that is giving me a phone signal. My GPS is getting stronger I am able to be lead by the Spirit of Christ. Amazingly the Word became flesh. This map follows to the tee the GPS in me. Praise God, I'm back on the straight and narrow. Soon and very soon I am going to see the King!

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