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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

Pray before any situation and rest in the peace that prayer provides. Let it create in you a  hope that carries you through the night. Joy comes in the morning when we see our Savior's face. Make no mistake there is fire in trials of life and you will have to go through it. God in Christ has given you His Spirit, His Heart to get you through this life. And not just through it by the skin of your teeth. But slaying dragons and serpents by the Words and Authority of Christ! To be a living sacrifice testifying of Christ Power in you and sharing the message of reconciliation with this world. Jesus let my life be clean linen for the future bride of the Lamb. The righteous acts I do not be for my glory but may it bring beauty to your Bride! All the saints gathered together to receive their gift of Jesus hand in marriage. Meditations from Rev. 19:7-9 

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