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Oh To Be Wise

Jesus can free people from their sins. All the dead works that sin has brought into their lives can be done away with Christ. When people realize this, they trust Jesus. Then they will receive the good things that God has promised. Sin is such an arcane concept. Many don't understand the meaning and how to identify it in their lives, it will save them from many troubles. Anything that keeps you from Knowing God through Christ is sin. Yes sin by the letter of the law is disobeying God's laws and ordinances. But the spirit of the law has always been the conscience. We were created above the animals to have the Image of God in us. Because of sin entering this world through Adam, a line was formed in us. There is a knowledge of good and evil that which ever way you take creates a need for Justice and Mercy. Sin is this line formed within us for even the good we do is meaningless and the evil we do we cannot truly recompense. God gave us His Promises that can only be fulfilled by faith in Christ. Sin is opposed to Gods Promises and knowing Christ is our only Hope. Jesus, you are the only way I can understand what sin is. Your laws and ordinances you established before the world began are to deep for me to understand. Help me to live by faith and not by sin controlling my life. Sin is real and not an old arcane principle. We need you Jesus to lead us to spirit and life. 

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