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Oh To Wise-Meditations

By keeping the laws and commands of God you are protecting yourself from evil in you and around you. But you quickly realize others around you are not and accidents can happen, even willful sin against you. So why keep God's commands? It is to live in wisdom and to respect God. To keep your hands and feet clean from sin in your life. More importantly to learn about Gods Heart and His Plan of Salvation for you. Israel missed that in there encounter with God. There Messiah came and didn't realize Him. What they were hoping for in faith was missed because of sin and death in their lives. Without God's law you would not have the freedom to know Him. His Law is an expression of His Love. It was through the Law that God sent His Son to fulfill it. What we could not do to be in His Presence Jesus has done for us. It has always been seeking God in faith. Sinful man has been born without the Presence of God on Earth. He is in everything that was made but it is perishing because of sin. Even our mortal bodies are fading away. We need to know God by faith in His Son Jesus. Let His Commands be a source of Wisdom and Love. He deserves the respect because He gave everything for us to live by faith and not by sight.

Meditate Psalms 119:1-16

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