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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

When Mary came to see Jesus in the tomb there were two angels sitting there where Jesus body had been. One sitting where the head had been and the other where the feet had been. In the Old Testament everything sacred was found in the ark of the convenant. Everything focused around this wooden box overlayed with gold. Inside this box was the ten commandments, jar of manna that would spoil in one day but stayed fresh inside, and also an almond branch budding with fruit that was Aaron's, Israels High Priest at the time. On top of the that box was two Angels on each side and in the middle was an open space called the Mercy Seat where God's Presence dwelled. Jesus is new ark of the convenant. He is Risen in the power of the Holy Spirit that dwelt on the Mercy Seat of God kept separately from humanity until the ressurrection of Christ! He is the Mercy Seat of Heaven for all mankind. Judgment belongs to Him alone. He is the fulfilment of Law for us giving us the freedom from sin and death and giving us Spirit and Life. He is the fresh Manna from Heaven giving us new life that will never spoil or die. He is our High Priest able to produce fruit in us for the Kingdom of God. Take away our dead works and serve Him in the new living way, Christ in us. Praise God His Mercy and Love follow me all the days of my life. 

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