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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

The homes by a river cost alot of money to own and also alot of insurance in case of flooding. Praise God that He calls us to settle down near the River of Life, His Holy Spirit. Jesus has paid in full for our homes to be right next to this River. There are full blown communities of believers that God has placed as trees along this River. We are receiving Spiritual Life from this River and turning the area around the river a beautiful and fertile land. We are Trees of Righteousness growing in beautiful faith. The cost of living here is free but you must still pay for the insurance. Disasters may come and you must build your house upon the Rock. Your insurance is building your house upon the Rock so when the waters stirs and the floods come you will be safe. The sandy shore is not a good place to build your house. Insure your home with a solid foundation in Christ and your insurance will cover unto eternal life. Salvation is free but can it can be lost without maintaining the gift of Christ in your life. The floods of life will come and you will be sweeped away from something that was supposed to be yours by faith. Now your trying to save yourself when it was God that was saving you. 

Meditate Psalms 1

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