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Proverbs of a 34 yr old man.

Animals have a way of bringing glory to God. I read a true story about a dog named Hachi, a Japanese Akita breed. They are known to be really close to there masters. Hachi had such a strong bond with his master that 10 years after his master's death he would still wait for him to arrive at a train station. At the sound of the train he would follow the trail where he and his master would take every day. His master never arrived and He died waiting with a broken heart. I can't help but look pass this lovely animal and look at the heart of God. He has been waiting a long time for people to come to the train station of where they first met. Just hoping to see their faces again and give them the love and meaning they so desperately need. Jesus died on the Cross of a broken heart knowing that many people would never come home. There are also people who are waiting for Jesus to come back and have died waiting at the train station of where they first met. Don't worry even if they die waiting, their master Jesus will come soon to wake them up and take them home. Listen to His Voice through Hachi's heart. Study 2 Peter 3:9 

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