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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

I am so rich in my heart, even among the wealthest people on Earth. My eyes shine with joy like powerful diamonds. My smile is so big I blush like red rubies. My handshakes are like blue sapphires full of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. My words are like Topaz a yellow honey that's speaks value to people's hearts. Everytime I think about my Jesus I can't help but speak of His Spiritual Riches and His Glory in me. Like new wine and wheat on the day of abundant harvest is the joy I feel when the Spirit of Christ draws me to God's Presence. In His Presence is fullness of Joy. My heart gem is like Aquamarine, the color of water and sky. Living water flowing through my veins embodying eternal spirit and life in this dead body. I shine because He shines in me. Jesus is the most Precious Gem you will see.  

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