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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

Samson discovered that once “the pleasures of sin” have had their season, they must give way to “the wages of sin.” The source of his strength was not his hair it was God. Samson outer signs like not drinking wine and not cutting his hair was not the source of His Strength. It was protection for the calling of God in his life. All works for the Lord is a by product of faith and relationship with God. Samson like so many of us focus so much of our energy on the outward signs we forget our source for strength is the inner sign, faith in God. Imagine circumsicion, tithing, or even giving to the poor as a reason why you are right with God. Samson must have walked so proudly with his long hair and self control over wine, saying to himself God is with me. Sadly the Spirit had left him a long time ago and it took his eyes to be gouged out for Him to really see the God favor had left him. How horrible it is to be so blessed by God and be out of God's favor. To have such a great life and not realize the Holy Spirit has been grieved away to the point where you have quenched His Power in your heart and mind. Your running on fumes and not on favor, God forbid. Your inward signs are no good if Christ has not circumcised your heart. We have the power of the Holy Spirit in us, let us not grieve Him by prideful living and self righteousness. If we are not careful we will be trusting in outwards signs that will bring Glory to God, but our trust in them removes Him as the source of our faith. We don't realize the Spirit of Christ has left us our hearts. Imagine if we had the physical power of Samson with a heart for Christ. Where the source of my strength is not in my hair, not in my abstaining wine, not in my own good deeds, but in my love for God and His much more love for me. I pray today you would trust more in the invisible armor of God than the outward armor of signs and wonders. 

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