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Oh To Be Wise- Meditations

Surround yourself with people who will challenge you unto righteousness. People that have good character and are good company to have around your family. People that will never leave you when you have made mistakes or you are very distant. We need friends that can sympathize and comfort us. That are reliable and trustworthy behind our backs. That can give us advice and discipline us with tears of love and respect. Be around those who are not easily angered but share a peace with us in the Holy Spirit. A companion that is wise and has insight on things to avoid in your life. A truthful friend that will not lie to your face and will quickly forgive not harbouring resentment. A person that sharpens you and makes sure you look and feel good. Be friends with those who are a friend of God. Who is not a friend of the world and it's ways but lives in the Covering of Jesus. That person will intercede with eyes pouring out tears to God, on behalf of you he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend. A friend that loves at all times is a gift from God. It is actually a brother or sister born for a time of adversity in your life. 

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