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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

I don't need to look at your heart to know you. I need only to look at your eyes and see what your gazing at. The physical eye connects to heart through arteries and veins, which transports blood throughout your body including your eyes. Your retina requires a constant supply of blood to make sure your cells get nutrients and oxygen. Your Spiritual eye depends on your Spiritual heart. The constant flow of the Holy Spirit in you keeps your spiritual eye seeing clearly. Receiving pure oxygen and life to keep your vision on Christ. Life in the Spirit and a Heart fully submitted to God's Love, will keep you from spiritual blindness. Without the Light of Christ the darkness of sin will direct your hearts to evil living. You can tell how much light someone has by the darkness they continually keep living in. They are so blind they cannot find or feel there heart for meaning and purpose. They are groping around not realizing how great is the darkness they are living. Oh Holy Spirit be the blood flow to my eyes so I can see the vision Jesus has for me. Meditate Eph. 1:18

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