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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

There are dreams and passions that we have in our hearts that will never come to pass. What others may have achieved through fate you never reached through hard work. Fair is only a place where they judge pigs. Take heart in this: Jesus came to this world in the form of a servant. He was the King of the universe and came to our world with very humble beginnings. All the dreams and passions mankind would want Jesus never did. He did not marry, had no children, never had his own place. Was not wealthy, never traveled more than the area he lived in. He was a carpenter like Joseph his earthly father. His very skill and passion I'm sure reminded Him of the Cross He would bear. Jesus wanted a better ressurrection for all of humanity. He lost the whole world and but gained his soul and our salvation. In this life you will succeed and fail. Many things you will start and not finish. Things you will never have an opportunity to have or experience because it was taken away from you. Be of good courage Jesus has overcome this world. Wait on the Lord, he will restore to you more than what you can ask or imagine. The end of the age is coming soon and a better ressurrection is promised for you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Be content with Christ, has He not given us more the than the whole world? Jesus over everything. 

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