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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

The blood on the door post was an act of obedience. But just because it was on the door post, doesn't mean that is all that is required. Sin and death is in the heart, don't trust in your own works. Trust in the work of Christ on the Cross. If you don't, your obedience is then tied to your salvation. You will only obey enough to be saved and not be saved enough to live for God. It is not act of obedience that saves, it is what Jesus has done for us that saves. Your obedience should only come from a place of your need for God. If it comes from a place of your love for God than when you fail in disobedience it means you never truly loved God. That is bad doctrine setting you up for failure to live in God's promises. Oh Jesus help me to obey you out of my need for you. My flesh cries out to you the living God. Your spirit is water to my soul. I claim the blood of Jesus over heart and ask that your love in me would produce the righteousness you require. My works are filthy rags I need your help. Your my only hope.  

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