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Oh To Be Wise- Meditations

I need you God. I need you to help me sleep and wake up, to sit and meditate, to breathe and eat, to help me stand and walk, to exercise my body and to run bravely to those in danger, to love my family and my neighbor, to work hard at my job and to respect those in authority,  to drive my car and to bring a spirit of peace to those in traffic, to show compassion to those who need it and to honor those who give it, to pray for my family and friends and ask forgiveness for my enemies. I need you God even to die because Im scared to leave the world I know. This is your heart oh God, you will lead us beyond death and guide us eternally. I need you oh God to guide me, to comfort me with your counsel and your advice. You will receive me in to your Glory and I know why oh Lord. Because I love you, you will rescue me, because I love you, you will protect my soul. Because I acknowledge your name you will save me from nonexistence. I will exist because you exist in me. You are all I need. Amen. 

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