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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

God does not care about having money or having it in abundance. He is not in heaven making it rain but He is on Earth making it rain for all His Creatures to live in abundance. God uses money as a resource and not for personal gain. He is the one that generates wealth and let's mankind reflect His Value through print money, goods or services. It is foolish to accumulate so much physical wealth and keep it for yourself. He would rather you give it all away and pursue Him as your source of prosperity. To use it for  His purposes and keep you safe from the love of money. He would rather you be content with alot and alittle. In a perfect world would God allow mankind to charge for water, clothing, food and shelter? I don't know because God allowed mankind to have dominion on Earth. But I do see in Heaven all the things that man calls valuable and priceless is street pavement there. It says in Heaven the leaves of the trees are for the healing of nations. Meaning the human race could eat in peace together rich and poor, no more starving children. In Heaven God will be with us providing all people shelter from the storm, no homeless sleeping alone in the streets. God will be our home our mansion. Even water will be plenty in Heaven, crystal clean water of life that will no longer separate nations because of dangerous tides. So pure it's a river flowing from heaven giving life to all mankind. As you can see here on earth you need money to survive. But in Heaven you will have God to thrive. Realize this: The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Even now Heaven has come to earth and the riches of heaven and earth are for every man and woman and child. Jesus in hearts and lives makes you more rich than the richest people in this world. God you are not only my source but also my value. I am your quarter you are my head and my tails.

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