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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

It's because you think you can see that your guilt remains. You don't see your need for the Gospel so guilt is eating away at your spiritual life. Jesus is the lens in which we view this world. To know purpose and meaning is to know Christ as Lord. Outside of the view of Christ we see everything blurry. We trust blindly and settle quickly without a present view of reality of God. I believe Jesus is the Son of Man! He is living right now and He lives to remove my guilt of sin. I can live in no condemnation and have a personal relationship with God. So intimate a relationship with God that I call Him Father. What a gift to see my sin upon that Cross. Jesus you came to render judgment and to give clarity to the sons of men about sin and death. You brought your written word to life in our hearts and showed us how to live in Grace and Mercy. I have removed guilt from my eyes and now see more clearer  than every the Love of God in Christ. Amen. 

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