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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

We should be careful about what God has done for us and has promised to us. Esau was the oldest son of his father Isaac. As the oldest son he would have special rights when his father died. We are heirs of Christ and have every spiritual blessings available to us in Christ death and ressurrection. Esau wept for his birthright. He had given it away and could not get it back. It belonged to his brother now, and so it is for all people. The gift of eternal life is through Jesus and no amount of good works will do. God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Esau was not sorry for what he did but he still wanted the blessing that was rightfully his. When we sin we trample over the gift of Christ. It's not just that we have put aside the blessings of prosperity and protection of our souls. We need to realize that we gave up the Holy Spirit in us for a morsel of sins pleasure. That morsel of sin will turn into a full feast through neglect and you will devour your own blessing that Christ died to give you. Our life hidden in Christ is far more important than the little things of this present life. Many of us have cried and tried so hard like Esau, yet we are not really sorry for what we have done. (Genesis 25:19-34). He is to be a warning to us. We must value what we have in us because our belief in Jesus is our only hope. Desire Him more than your birthright. 

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