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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

It's not your hand or your eye or your foot causing you to sin. For example if you cut one eye out, you will see temptation will still be there and now you have one eye. Same with your foot and your hand if it is causing you to sin you will see the same besetting sin has mocked you. No matter if you become maimed what is causing you to sin will find another avenue for which to destroy you. Jesus was not teaching self mutilation to get rid of sin in your life. The enemy would like you to think that so you can say God why did you make me this way? Jesus is wanting you to see in your own strength you cannot overcome those evil desires. You need the power of God, the grace of God, the mercy of God. A person may have lost an arm because of sin in their lives but it brought them back to their senses and, are better off than you with both arms settled in sin and calling evil good. This person has recognized there sin and have realized there need for Jesus to overcome evil desires. We need to stop mutilating our hearts and minds before our bodies bear the brunt of it. You must learn what is evil desire and what is not. This is true wisdom from Heaven straight from the Living Word Himself Jesus our Lord. Oh Lord to be wise in this: I need to stop blaming my body for it's desires and start renewing my mind in the things of God to save not just my body but my soul. 

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