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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

You were born of blood, of the will of the flesh, and of the will of man. You listened to your parents and were shaped by the culture around you to survive. You did as you were told to learn the ways of this world. All this you did because of what you were born into not by choice. But when you chose to follow Christ you began a born again experience. Everything you thought was right is now different. The way you lived has now changed. You literally we're born again in the womb of the God. In Spirit and Fire you were born and now living water flows through your soul. You are born by the will of God. You didn't choose God, God chose you even before the world began. Though you were born into this earth by man, you were still born into this life by God. The difference is that your life has always been for God. We are God's offspring by faith in Jesus. Growing everyday like babies unto maturity of Christ. Through Jesus you can now live your real purpose and not the will of man. 

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