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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Is it me or did God make everything on Earth in the image of humanity. Stay with me here. Why do some creatures have eyes, some ears, some with hair. Even internal organs like animals with not one but two stomachs. They have veins just like us. Some even teeth like us. It's crazy because sometimes I feel like we have this crazy connection like we should be able to communicate. I look at my dog and I feel like he knows me. Or even at the zoo, I marvel at the lion and it yawns at me in approval. I think this world was made for man and man for this world. Praise be to God, that God made man for Himself. As humans we have this unqie connection in Spirit with God that we display here on Earth. Everything around us was made for us to discover, build, enjoy and wonder. Because of sin we all have destroyed God's world for us. Jesus is making all things new and soon that connection we feel with nature, the earth, and most importantly with God will be renewed. It will be like it was supposed to be where everything on earth is in harmony with God and man.

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