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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

It is possible to love science more than God. To love the things God has made more than Him. This pursuit can become so strong that you forget all things were made for God and His Purposes. There are many things just for us He has made that is still His. And yet all things are His and we want credit for maintaining or evolving it. God made a tree but man do not create paper, He discovered it by the Grace of God. God gives and allows knowledge and even allows evil knowledge in this world. A gun is a weapon made by man and God has allowed it's use in our world. Nothing is yours it's all Gods. We must use our love of nature and science to not just try to understand the Universe. But to seek and reach out for God by observing the things He has made, and realizing His Glory, and Power and Love. It is possible to observe the sand and molecule of a sand castle. And forgot before it washes away the designers artful intent. There are more people concerned about the universe than concerned about there soul. 

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