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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

No human can see the face of God and live. Moses had the amazing opportunity to view the Lord's back protected in a cleft of a rock, but was not allowed to see His Face. Through the Gospel of Jesus our faces have been unveiled to contemplate the transforming power of God's Glory. Spiritually speaking you are no longer in the cleft of the rock. We are all exposed to Face of Christ being changed into His Image daily. And this happening every day with ever increasing glory through our relationship with Christ. This gift of the Holy Spirit in us is like a righteous radiation killing our sinful nature. Giving us a light that shines from the Face of Jesus. Do not miss this: you have this great opportunity to know God face to face. Through the Face of Christ soon we will see God as He really is. The Light of the Holy Spirit is a mirror, may Jesus see the Light of countenance in you. 

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