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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Now I kind of see how the simple act of sin can ruin everything. Just as Adam and Eve bit the Fruit, there flesh bares the ruin of that decision. Even 100 years from biting the fruit they still would feel the urge to bite the fruit. Same with us and many generations since Adam and Eve where sin will always have that draw. Even if it's been 50 yrs since you committed that evil desire. Temptation can wiggle its way in our hearts apart from relationship with Christ. We are not perfect and prone to wander in the flesh. Our lives before Christ we had no desire to change our evils ways. We committed sin proudly and enjoyed it. In Christ now we have changed our ways and imitate Him everything we do. But this new spiritual life is about not just doing the right thing, but going beyond the physical act and addressing the spiritual. Jesus wants not just a habitual change but a heart change. Where we shine light on evil desires within us that are the real problems we face. You may be a good person and your heart be evil in every wicked way. There is power in the Hope of the Gospel. We are being transformed daily by the power of Christ Love in us. Fighting daily for a pure heart and a pure mind. This Hope deferred makes our hearts sick, but when this longing is fulfilled by Jesus soon coming. He will our tree of life, cutting the desires of the flesh forever where humans first fell into sin and it's fruit. He is our Vine and we are the branches that are filled with pure desire of Righteousness. Depend on the Holy Spirit daily and eat pure desire through relationship with Christ. Soon our body and soul will taste and see the tree of life who is Jesus. What a glorious day that will be to eat when we freely from eternal life. To bit off a fruit that Christ has physically put in your hand and you eat of it spiritually. Oh to be made whole forevermore. Meditate Proverbs 13:12

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