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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I can imagine a poor Israelite with the guilt of sin. He has been going through some hard times financially and does not have enough money for the bull or goat for sacrifice. Can barely afford the pigeon or the dove. He thinks in mind, Oh Lord my guilt is so heavy and I only have two pigeons. If I could I would offer you a lamb for your mercy and forgiveness. He came to the entrance of the tent of meetings offered His gift and beat His chest to Heaven for forgiveness. Then came a second Israelite that was very well off. Had more than enough to afford the best of sacrifices. He came stood near this man. He knew who this poor man was, and the things he was going through. He heard the poor man whisper dark things he had done. He said in his heart, I thank you Lord that I am not like this man next to me. He has ruined his life in sin and cannot even offer you the best of sacrifices. He has spent all his money on foolishness but I give to your temple and make sure this place is perfect because you are perfect. Just then both men were given visions. The poor man saw an image of one as the Son of man. He told him I am pleased with your sacrifice. I desire mercy over sacrifice. He left vindicated having seen the message of the Messiah much clearer. A mystery he doesn't fully understand but for the first time in his life, he realized the blood of goats and bulls could not cleanse his conscience. Only God in his Mercy can cleanse my heart and mind. The other well off Israelite got a vision from the Lord too and was told to go, sell your possessions, and give to people like this poor man. Your treasures are in heaven. Follow me and seek perfect relationship. I desire mercy and not sacrifice. I want your heart, your life as a sacrifice. The Israelite went away with sorrow because he had great wealth and prestige in his community. Money and Status cant buy God's love. It's been already purchased for all by the blood of the Lamb, the Son of God. The greatest sacrifice you can give God is your whole life. Everything else is for the glory of the Lord. Your neighbor is shamed and naked. Your neighbor is blind and deaf. Desire mercy for them rather than great sacrifice. May repentance be found in them because of your love for them in Christ. Only the Lord can remove the guilt of sin and light a fire for personal sacrifice. 

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