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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

I saw a man of God today. He was holding the sword of the Spirit. When He spoke the Living Word it cut as sharp as any two edged sword. He also was holding a stout shield that covered him in faith. He held it close to his heart because the just shall live by faith. And his armor, oh man the breastplate of righteous was built strong. It protected his vital organs especially his pure heart in Christ. With a pure heart we will see God. As well as his lungs that breathe in spiritual life in the Holy Spirit. He had a majestic helmet on that kept his mind on Christ and his Salvation. He had a walk about him that conveyed confidence. Even the sound of his boots stepping one foot after another made a peaceful sound. Everywhere he went he sought to bring the peace of Christ. Everything he wore was held together by a belt that was made out pure truth. It was as solid as pure gold and was so thick and heavy that it held weapons of spiritual warfare. Most importantly the Sword of the Spirit. Without this belt the rest of the armor would be of no use. I was an awe of the Lord's servant as I turned away from the mirror onto my knees. Thanking Jesus for the privilege to serve him as child of the King. Study Eph. 6:10-18

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