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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Who tells the mother bear how many cubs to have? Or to lioness how big her pride can be? Think about the many fish in the sea who lay hundreds of eggs? Yet some animals may have a couple babies born and that's it. It is that way with humans also where some have many children, some have a couple and some have none. But Love puts no limit on life even of it hurts. Is it true that it's better to love than to never have loved at all? The more you give birth to in your life the more you allow pain and suffering. Not all children will receive perfect love even if you have just one. But there is such a thing as perfect love that runs this world and keeps it in orbit. It is protected and held together by love. You trust in love knowing that in giving it away you are apart of the universe. Our Heavenly Father has had many sons and daughters knowing that many would leave his hand never come back. Having many children is one way of expressing love on Earth. Love never fails though. Think about this, even when an animal dies and the babies are left to fend for themselves. Another animal many times will come and care for the babies till they are grown. Unreal that even the animals express love on Earth. Adoption is another way of expressing love on Earth. Our Heavenly Father gave His Son so that He could adopt many sons and daughters. Yet still The love of Jesus for us is the ultimate expression of Love. We we're full of darkness and void and Jesus came to give birth of spiritual life in us. He could had love demand justice. But instead love wanted mercy! Love never fails, it was built into the foundation of the earth. It is in the very fabric of our existence. Continue in this flow of love in the universe. Through Christ we have this gift of Love inside our hearts and minds. Live free in love and don't hold back in giving it away because of fear. Jesus has given Himself away on the Cross in the name of Love and He is receiving an abundance, an inheritance through ressurrection. He is changing our world our universe, our hearts with The Power of His Love. Meditate 1 Cor. 13:8

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