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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

True wisdom is seeking God to know Him and not just asking God for knowledge. In knowing Him you will find out his will for your life. The will of God is not a door but a path. Let us not seek God for just an answer to a question. Treating His will for our life like a magic 8 ball. We must rest in the promises of God and live like we believe them. The wicked cannot see there sin and folly because they do not walk the path of godly wisdom. What you can easily see as sin is called good in the eyes of the wicked. When we walk in the path of wisdom God develops godly patterns of behavior and thinking. We begin to see our skills and talents that He wants us to walk in. Take time to be in the Presence of God daily. This is the key to gaining wisdom and purpose for your life. You have built your life upon the rock of Christ and when trouble comes wisdom will protect you and guide you. The wicked person has built on sand and leaves everything to chance or if it feels good. Never having a sure hope to trust in.They walk in a circle of indecision, pursuing only what they can see. But you walk the straight path of faith unto righteousness. Trusting in Jesus who you don't see, but you still love and believe Him. All His Promises are true and are a yes and amen. 

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