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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Operating in the eye for the eye and tooth for a tooth principle leaves both parties blind and toothless. Turning the other cheek principle works better. It does not mean you do not protect yourself in self defense. This is talking about relationships. In Jewish tradition to be slapped in the face means you want no part in this relationship anymore, rightly so. Jesus is saying here to forgive and restore what has been broken. Leaving vengeance to the Lord whether or not it's restored by peace and forgiveness in Jesus. Or it's left in resentment and bitterness causing  disagreement and sin. We must allow the blood of Jesus to reconcile what we have done or someone has done to us. To let Hell be the final verdict or to let Grace cover it all! Leaving it to the Lord, we turn the other cheek and save our eyes and our teeth for sharing love and speaking grace. Study Matt. 5:39

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