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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Yeast is microscopic in size, and only a little is kneaded into the dough. Yet, given time, the yeast will spread through all the dough and cause it rise. Jesus ministry started with just twelve men in an obscure corner of Galiee, but it has spread throughout the world changing the hearts of mankind. You see the nature of yeast is to grow and change whatever it contacts. Yeast makes dough rise from within. God first changes the heart of a person, and that internal change gives an external change. Those who trust in Christ have been set free sin and death. We must guard this freedom of spirit and life. Let us not allow the pressure of legalism for salvation to discourage us. We must trust in the yeast of the Holy Spirit inside us to transform us, and not allow the external condemnation of the law to break us and lose hope. Jesus has removed all condemnation through the Cross. So then, let us not waste our freedom, our salvation in Christ by living for ourselves and pleasing our flesh. Let us serve each other in love and care for one another more than ourselves. Just like the Holy Spirit can rise and spread in the dough of our hearts. So can a little false teaching, a little selfishness, a little self righteousness leaven the whole lump of our hearts. Lets keep our hearts growing in righteousness through close relationship with Christ. The Gospel of the Kingdom is within you and soon and very soon you will see the King.

Study Luke 13:20-21

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