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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Wait for the Lord's help. Be strong and brave and wait for the Lord's help. Don't go without His Presence. Don't do anything without his blessing and direction. It's so easy to go ahead of God and do most of what we do without Him. There is wisdom in reading the word for guidance. There is wisdom in taking time for prayer to have a clear mind and hear from the Lord. A long response just means He is working on our behalf. The reason God sometimes waits a long time to deliver is to extend the goodness of the final outcome. The Lord blesses those who trust in Him, happily waiting for His provision. Let us have our patience rooted in faith depending on the strength of the Holy Spirit. We rest by still waters even when trouble comes. Having confident expectation and hope even in affliction. Oh Jesus I pray for the understanding that affliction is protective suffering meant to keep me from sin. Where I am content to rest in your Grace. Though you do not remove the thorn from my flesh, you still give me a place to be still and bear it for your Glory. As we wait on the Lord let us not spend our time doing nothing. Continue in the work of Christ given to us till the day He shows us His mercy. Oh give thanks to Lord for He is Good, His Mercy endures forever. Meditate Psalm 123:2

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