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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

The unfinished life. So many people have come and gone. They have lived and died, loved and lost. So many hopes and dreams filled with promise. Only to face harship and failure, and lose everything. Even those who are born wealthy, those who are born healthy do not accomplish more than those who began life with nothing. Point being, there are so many unfinished lives. People that had all taken away from them because of past mistakes or failed oppurtunites. Their is boy who dreamed to be a star and died early of cancer. Their is a girl who hoped to be dancer but a car accident happened. Their is a woman who wanted to be a mother but could not have any children. Their is a man who was financially successful but lost it all because of anothers jealously and hatred. Sadly their so many more lives that are unfinished crushed by disaster. Evil people fear judgment because they are destroyed by their own wrongdoing. But even at facing death the righteous have hope. The godly have a refuge when disaster strikes. Even when they die unfinished, Christ has given up his spirit and says it is finished. Study Prov. 14:32

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