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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Grandpa and grandson were sitting on the front porch on a early morning country day. There also was Grandpa's ten dogs underneath the porch resting in the shade. All of a sudden one of the dogs let out a single bark and took off into the field. When the other dogs saw this one dog bark and run they all barked and followed. Then Grandpa tells his grandson, let me tell you whats going to happen. Within 10 minutes each dog one by one will come back with there tongues out and there tail within there legs. But in 30 minutes that first dog is coming back with a rabbit in his mouth. Do you know why this dog will endure 30 minutes more? It's not because the dog was more athletic or better. No, it's because that dog is the only one that actually saw the rabbit. Many people bark and yap because others are barking and yapping. We need to be people that go after the rabbit and not just chase after other people's calling. Chase after the personal calling of Jesus Christ. He is calling you by name, will you pursue him in his word, in your prayers? Many people cry out for revival in the city, but how many ask for revival to begin in them first. Study Ps. 119:32

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