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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Little pieces of you are starting to fade away. It's easy when things are great to trust in God. But to trust that God is good even when you are in pieces is real faith. When you take the time to listen to the voices of sin and death, your spirit of life begins to perish just like your body is perishing. Oh Jesus I need to hear the sounds of joy and gladness, and though I am crushed and broken, I will be happy again. Grant me the ultimate joy of being forgiven, in my brokenness I want to rejoice. My flesh and skin feel worn away and my bones feel shattered from the falls of sin. Jesus you are my only hope, now that I have been crushed let me celebrate because you are able to put me back together. Oh to be wise in this: You are the only God, there are no others. You are the one who takes life and gives it again. It feels like we are punished with suffering but yet you heal and no one can stop you!  

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