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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Landfills continue to grow and are a major threat to our environment. We purchase and consume things that are not disposable. I can't help but think of the landfills we are building in our lives. We have heaps of trash in our hearts and minds and it's toxic to our spiritual growth. God never wastes anything. Nature by itself has its own way of taking care of itself without us. All we seem to do many times is make a mess and leave God to clean it up. It's time we start burning and reducing the sewage of sin our lives. Let's keep busy in the the things of God, in the work of the Lord. Nothing you do in the Lord's service is every useless or wasted. We labor in vain on the desires of this world building up landfills every day. We need the fire of the Holy Spirit to cleanse our hearts from the garbage of sin and death. When we pursue righteousness we are keeping our temple clean. Not allowing filth to grow but allowing patience to do it's perfect work. Growing in Christ is a purifying and renewing experience. There is no waste in the christian walk, whatever we are going through God uses it for his glory. Jesus has a way of using things that we think are not disposable and making something good out of it. Your body and spirit in Christ is 100 % biodegradable. Meaning God can use all of you, even the landfills we have stored up. He can take a something in our lives, break it down into it's natural state and use it for His Glory. Ask God to light a fire of the Holy Spirit in you so you can start burning up your landfills of sin. You will have clean energy for life to do the work of the Lord. Thank you for caring about your spiritual environment. God loves it when we care about his divine nature.

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