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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Staying in faith is not about intensity but about duration. The biggest thing God is doing in your life is learning to trust Him. There was a movie I watched recently where a boxer was down in the ring and was about to be counted out. Right at the last final counts where he had to get up or lose. The fighter gets on his knees and begins to pumple the ground punch after punch, shocking the fans and his opponent. It looked like he was going to stay down but found the will to stand and fight. He was able to absorb the pain and give it back to his opponent. God in Christ is trying to grow faith in you. He wants you to bear your Cross and be long-suffering with those around you. When your about to throw in the towel, beat your chest and ask God for mercy. The enemy will see how strong your faith is and know He is in for a battle that He has already lost. 

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