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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

If only I could purchase wisdom for myself. To download the instructions and know the mysteries I cannot solve. Like an app you can purchase and have confidence that you have all you need for life and godliness. Man, if I could know how to heal the sick from any disease. Or be able to bring life back from the dead. What if I knew how to keep peace within our world. Wherever I went I would be able to give wisdom and help those who lack understanding. And there is the problem, I would still lack understanding. I only wanted to purchase wisdom for intelligence and knowledge. But I lack understanding, the who the what the where the why and the how. If I purchase all this wisdom then I now have to play God. It is better to ask for a refund. The reason being I found something less expensive than my soul and it fits more my holy lifestyle. Jesus you are my source of wisdom. You are the Wisdom of God in human form. I can relate to you because you have lived as human and are human in Heaven. Help me to imitate you and learn true wisdom which you offer freely through relationship. I need to resist the urge to purchase wisdom from this world and lose my soul. 

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