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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Would rather die in Eypgt. Born in sin, I am use to the chains that kept me in the darkness of sin and death. Use to the bondage that held me as a slave to my own desires. At least in Eygpt I had my lustful pots of meat and ate to my fill of idle bread. I was content being a slave as long as I could eat of my sinful treats anytime I wanted. But Jesus you have brought me out to the wilderness of my life and my soul is conflicted. I love the freedom of spirit and life, having a choice now to live again a free soul in Christ. Having a hunger for righteousness that is renewing my mind and taste for life. This circling in a dark and weary land is eating away at my soul. Especially when I can see the promise land is right straight ahead. The wandering in the desert of this life has my hunger in disarray. My flesh is calling out for Eygpt but my heart is calling for Heaven. Will you not send your living bread from heaven? Your living water down and quench my soul? Yes, my Lord I see it now. In the evening of the Cross you gave your body as meat for my salvation. And in the morning when the dew was evaporated and the stone was rolled away; there you provided living bread on the ground of my heart to satisfy my spiritual hunger. What is this flaky substance as fine as frost covering my soul? Why its the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood has eternal life, and He willl raise him up at the last day. For his flesh is real food, and his blood is real drink. Unlike our forefathers, who ate manna and died, the one who eats this bread will live forever.

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