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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

When I look at the Holy Law of God I say it is just and righteous. I will keep it because I love God and I am a good person. But I noticed as I tried to obey the commands it produced in me a cycle or law of sin and death. My desires became out of wack and the very thing I knew was wrong I was strangely attracted to it. My efforts to do the right things seem hopeless compared to the desires of sin I felt within me. God's law and justice was against me. He had every right to judge me for my sins against His Law. Instead God showed me Grace. Through His Mercy He started a new law or cycle of spirit and life. God sent his Son Jesus to live in a human body and He never sinned. Jesus was the perfect recompense, taking the punishment for our sins. His Holy Law remains Holy and The Gospel of Jesus Christ shows the Power of His Love to save wicked people. Because Jesus lives we are able to live. Justice demands we all must die once. But through his Mercy we can have can have life now. The same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us now. We have a new heart, new spirit within us connected to the Living Christ. Because the spirit of Christ is alive and alive in me I have freedom from sin in my own body. I am dead to it. And just as Jesus body has died so we are released from the flesh desires because of Jesus physically ressurected body. We have the same desires of Christ new body. I am able to live the Christian Life because He Lives. I don't live for my bodies desires I live off Christ pure spirit and body. My spirit, mind and emotions are connected to the Holy Spirit. Jesus has cut the head of the snake, and He bears our freedom on his hands and feet. He is our living Holy Spirit breathing victory. Meditate Romans 7:4-5

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