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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I am cured, I have been made whole! Look at the skin of my heart it has become like the skin of a small child.  The disease that was bringing me sin and death, crippling my very soul. It is now gone leaving me a smooth and restored heart of flesh, a heart removed  from the sickness of sin. Jesus instead of coming to me face to face you sent me your faithful messenger through the Holy Spirit. You sent me a faithful word for remedy. You sent me a faithful brother or sister for encouragement. In my anger I surely thought you would come yourself, stand and wave your hand over the spot of my diseased heart. Yet you chose to send me to waters that I was sure I could have found better somewhere else. I almost turned away in rage but to my shock the very water you are sending me to you have already dipped in for me! I was humbled to see you on that Cross bearing my sin and shame. Yet you still call me out to the muck and miry of my sins, a place where you have cleansed for me to be washed. You were baptized for my sake, stirring dark filthy waters and turning it into living water for my healing, my cleansing! Even if I fall seven times I know I can get back up. I can rise from dead waters because Jesus got back up from dead waters! Jesus thank you for my salvation. I have been baptized to show all the world the healing you have brought to my life. I will continue to immerse myself into the fire of your Holy Spirit, the living water you have provided for my soul. Meditate 2 Kings 5:10-14

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