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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

A pickle is a small cucumber preserved in vinegar, brine(salt), or a similar solution. All you need is an empty clean jar and time to make a great tasting pickle. God chose people to share and preserve the Gospel message. Jesus cleansed the inside of our jars of clay and filled us with the Holy Spirit. He took regular cucumbers like us and dipped us into his holy brine. We have been pickled to preserve the Gospel message on earth. To provide a crisp spiritual taste to a world devoid of spiritual tastebuds. We need to allow Christ to marinate us so we can absorb his image in us. We need to be so saturated in salt that we can penetrate the Gospel to any hungry soul we meet. You cannot pick up a pickle without getting your hands moist in brine. Lets stay pickled in relationship with Christ to provide a great taste of spiritual life. Study Mark 9:49-50

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