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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

We must live our lives sharing the Gospel. Telling people to repent for the Kindgom of Heaven is at hand. The thief, the liar, the murderer, and many others living in sin hear our testimony. They say to us, "thank you, what a great message, it brings me great sadness and sorrow. I will take to heart what you have said and be a better person". Over time when we come back and visit the same area and same people. They are still living the same way, even worse are angry with us for our zeal. They don't want to hear us anymore and call us crazy. There is always that one person that asks," why do you come and share this message that you have? They don't want to listen to you and could care less. They even make fun of you." We should respond with tears and light in our eyes saying," my neighbor remember this, I do this to prevent man from changing me. I do not want to become cynical about people and doubt God's power to save the uttermost. I also do not want to become so empathetic to sin around me that I forget Christ holy calling. I must remain a light in the darkness so I do not fade away into the night of judgment.

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