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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

My Lord, my first love. There's only you in my life, the only thing that's right. You're every breath that I take and you're every step I make. I want to share all my love with you Jesus, no one else will do, you know its true. And your eyes, when I gaze upon you in prayer tell me how much you care. You will always be my eternal love. Our two hearts beat as one, as my new life in Christ has just begun. And forever I will lift up my arms in praises to you, I can't resist your touch O Holy Spirit! I'll be a fool for you Jesus! Endure the chasticement for your honor. Hold the door of my heart open in respect for you. You mean the world to me, I know I've found in you my eternal love. I'll be thought of as that fool for you, knowing my self esteem comes from my relationship with you. If I am weak and hated its only because you are powerful and respected. You are my one and only, no one can deny this love I have inside. I am burning up with pure righteous desire, I can't spend another moment not pleasing you. I give it all to you my first love, my eternal love. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Note: Please listen to endless love by Luther Vandross to do this poem justice.

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