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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Poachers will take a life if the price is right. There greed consumes them, the life of an animal is worthless to them. I compare the evil realm to these poachers. They abuse and condemn humanity because of their love for power and control. They are thrilled at the loss of life if the price is right, they want the souls of mankind. Their greed has blinded there reasoning, even bringing judgment upon themselves by the Cross. We are like sheep led to slaughter for a cosmic battle we cannot see with our own eyes. Jesus has taken down these spiritual poachers and has condemned them to judgment. He protects his little lambs and even the far away goats from demonic forces that are trying to tear souls limb from limb. The enemy of our souls is a roaring lion looking to devour your soul at the expense of your life. Jesus puts our value at the expense of his life, willing to endure the Cross. We are being poached for our souls daily. Jesus is our sole defender against this injustice. We are not mere animals without a purpose, we are a creation with dominion in Christ. If we live like animals we will be hunted like prey. But if we live like children of the King, no weapon formed against will prosper. Our Ivory, our precious spirit in Christ, is safe within our Heavenly Father's hands. No one can separate us from the love of Christ. Oh Lord Jesus, the enemy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. But you are a lion wrapped in lambs clothing. Come and devour my enemies and keep me safe in the mane of your neck. You are the lion of Judah and lover of my soul! Meditate Rev. 5:1-10

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