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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

In times of peace in our lives we should always be preparing for war. Rebuilding walls that have been breached in our lives. Fortifying the areas of our hearts that are weakening because of idleness. In this life their will be trouble, and when their is peace in our lives we must not get to comfortable. Peace is a state of mind where God's sovereignty is our rest. From this mindset we must always be building and never resting for the Kingdom of God. Don't neglect the cracks in the walls that we get after spiritual battle. The enemy looks for any opening in our lives to attack. Right when we think we have peace and safety, is when the ambush of sin and consequence begins. Use peace as a time to reflect and rest in the promises of God. Every builder for the Kingdom of God must stay strapped with the sword of the spirit at all times. War is inevitable, and we must continue to carry the word of God into the areas of lives, rebuilding the walls trodden down by sin. Sounding the trumpet when the enemy is near, as he tries to steal our peace and our neighbors peace as well. I pray for peace in your life, so you can have time to rebuild and strengthen it through Christ. Meditate Neh. 4:9-23

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