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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

As evil desires increase in your life, your heart starts to invent new ways to sin. The smallest of desires become stronger. Becomes more harsher, more darker, and even horrible fantasies are entertained. How can someone stop an avalanche of sin from falling on top of them? Not possible unless you see it early enough and get out of the way judgment. We must not keep licking the manure ice cream of sin. The lips and tongue of our soul become so numb to it and we eat to our total abomination. God in his Mercy through Christ calls us out from the place where dogs and unclean spirits eat. The astonishing and most scary thing is he will let you go if that's what you want from your life. We were meant to have a hunger for spiritual life like a living lion, but instead many chose to die with the dogs having vomit and manure in their mouths. How sad it is to see living dogs consume a dead lion. Meditate Romans 1:29-31

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