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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

It's persistent love that breaks down the walls of doubt and hate. The more of the love of Christ in our lives the more victory we will have over sin. We need to stay in relationship with Christ so his love can continually heal us. The lion from the tribe of Judah is staring at you and His Gaze will not turn away. He will not be moved. He is willling and ready to devour your heart and mind with the Holy Spirit. To be King over your life and destroy the hyenas circling your weaknesses. Oh if only we would not move away from Christ. Jesus, you want to pronce on our affections and devour the pride we hold on to. You want us to be apart of your holy pride resting with you the King of Glory. Come Lord Jesus. I know you come at me like a roaring lion in all your glory. But your paws, your mane, and your sharp teeth are as gentle as a lamb. Change my heart oh God I want to be just like you! A baby lion with the roar of his Savior!

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